Giant Squid 12in Green

Giant Squid 12in Green

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There are over 300 different species of squid that live in the ocean waters throughout the world.

Each and every species has gills, so they are able to breathe underwater. When squids believe they are in danger, they release black ink into the waters to blind and distract their predator to provide extra time for an escape.

These lifelike stuffed animals are great toddler toys, baby toys, and kids toys, so your children will have a new friend join them when they play at the park.

These cute plush toys are made of soft high-quality material and are surface washable if the squid water gets polluted.

The size of this stuffed toy is 12 (30cm) and 22 (55cm) when fully extended.

This squid uses a special print on fabric process to achieve vibrant, life-like colours and designs on super soft fabrics.

  • Brand: Wild Republic
  • Code: 23456